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Daliform Group

The company, with its technical staff of highly qualified engineers, remains a "hotbed of highly successful innovations"; innovations that have significantly improved the way of building over the last two decades with particular reference to ventilated crawl spaces (IGLU'® and ATLANTIS) to bidirectional (U-BOOT BETON®) and unidirectional (U-BAHN BETON®) lightened floors, drive-over lawns (PRATOPRATICO®, ECO Pratopratico®, Easy Park®, Easy Ride) and vertical greenery (V-GREEN®).

Daliform Group srl was established in 2009 with the aim of inheriting the prestigious and exclusive wealth of knowledge and skills of Daliform srl of Pordenone which since 1993 has distinguished itself for its ability to create advanced products for construction in recycled plastic aimed to definitively solve the problem of rising damp as well as the concentration of Radon gas emerging from the subsoil.